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Sir Arthur Evans

The Sir Arthur Evans and Knossos Archives: Overview and Structure
     Sir Arthur Evans Papers (Personal & Professional)
          List of Senders
     Notebooks, diaries, pocketbooks & sketchbooks
     Photographs (including glass and film negatives; original photo prints; and duplicates)
     Drawings (including originals, pulls, and duplicates)
     Newspaper and press-cuttings
     Scripta Minoa (part of the Sir John Linton Myres Archive)
     Other Knossos related Archives
     Major Exhibitions
     Books & Offprints
     Other Main Repositories

Aegean Collection
     List of Sites from Crete
     List of Sites from Mainland Greece
     List of Sites from the Islands
     Digital Linear B Tablets from Knossos
          Gallery of Linear B Tablets




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