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Major Exhibitions

The Minoan Room at the Ashmolean Museum, 1910-1920.

The Department of Antiquities holds material from temporary and permanent exhibitions about Sir Arthur Evans and/or the Knossos excavations:

  1. Ashmolean-related: the 'Minoan Room' (including a folder with photographs by Stephen Townsend); the 'Arthur Evans Room' (Ann Brown and Michael Vickers, 1982-2005); the 'Aegean World' gallery (2007-present).
  2. Temporary exhibitions: Arthur Evans: his Life and Times (organized by Ann Brown in 1994); Faces of Archaeology in Greece (organized by Rachel Hood and Susan Sherratt in 1998); Minoan Frescoes (organized by Susan Sherratt in 2000); Man, Myth Legend: Sir Arthur Evans and the Discovery of Minoan Crete (prototype exhibition organised by Yannis Galanakis, 2007-2008).
  3. The 1936 Royal Academy exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British School at Athens: Arthur Evans was responsible for organising the most important gallery in this exhibition

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    The Minoan Room at the Ashmolean Museum, 1910-1920.