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Other Main Repositories

Other main repositories that contain archival material on the life and work of Arthur Evans include:

  1. In Oxford (within and outside the Ashmolean):
    1. Ashmolean Museum
      1. Department of Antiquities: (museum history; the Sir John Evans archive)
      2. Department of Western Art (Fortnum letters);
      3. Heberden Coin Room (numismatic correspondence);
    2. Sackler Library (former Ashmolean Library);
    3. Bodleian Library: mainly correspondence with J.L. Myres (to and from Myres, 1896-1939: manuscripts. Myres 13 (fols. 65-89); 45 (fols. 186-209); 52 (fols. 226-227); 57 (fols. 67, 97, 99, 112); 59 (fols. 20-23); 100 (fols. 249-257); 103 (fol. 165);
    4. Brasenose College (personal matters dealing with his fellowship at Brasenose).

  2. Outside Oxford:
    1. The John Rylands University Library of Manchester: letters to the Manchester Guardian;
    2. Society of Antiquaries, London (correspondence about his planned publications on Knossos);
    3. UCL's School of Slavonic and East European Studies Library for Evans's SE Europe papers (on long term loan from the Ashmolean to the SSEES since 1996:;
    4. the British Library, London (correspondence with Macmillans, add. MS 55219);
    5. the British Museum (correspondence);
    6. the British School at Athens (correspondence).

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