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Newspaper and press-cuttings

Article of 19 January 1901 in a popular weekly magazine (The Golden Penny).

The Sir Arthur Evans Archive contains 12 volumes of newspaper and press-cuttings (about 760 pages; about 1,600 cuttings). Most of them date between 1900 and 1940 and refer to Evans

  1. Knossos- and Aegean-related: five books or about 460 pages (about 1,000 cuttings). They include reports on the Knossos excavations as well as the work of the other foreign schools in Greece.
  2. Non-Knossos: seven books or about 300 pages (about 600 cuttings). They refer to the British Association for the Advancement of Knowledge; Evans's collection; European antiquities; the Glozel affair; coins; and the Evans gifts to the Ashmolean.

E/1 Knossos, Crete and Aegean-related