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Sir Arthur Evans Papers (Personal & Professional)

Draft letter of Arthur Evans inviting Duncan Mackenzie to work at Knossos, early March 1900.

Accounts of the Knossos excavations by Duncan Mackenzie, 1904.

This section of the archive comprises Arthur Evans's personal and professional papers (letters and documents, including drafts and unpublished manuscripts):

1. Letters: there are about 700 letters stored in ten folders (more than 4,000 pages of written text in total). They include:

  1. Professional correspondence (Folders I-V: file AJE1);
  2. Non-scholarly letters sent by Arthur Evans (Folder VI: file AJE3);
  3. Letters to Arthur Evans (sender unknown) (Folder IX, which also includes some letters to John Evans: file AJE4);
  4. Letters to people other than Arthur Evans (including family members) (file AJE5);
  5. Personal letters for 1860-1870 (Folder VII: file AJE7);
  6. Personal letters from 1871 onwards (mostly 1870s, in Folder VIII: file AJE8); and
  7. Copies of letters from Arthur Evans to James Candy (edited and annotated by J. Candy in 1985).

2. Documents: there are about 12 folders with Knossos and Aegean-related material and a number of non-Knossos related folders and documents. They include draft manuscripts, lecture notes, proofs, and annotated offprints. These items have been catalogued to item level. The documents have never been transcribed or digitized.

A/2 Documents (including drafts; proofs; notes; and other typed or handwritten manuscripts):