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Newspaper and press-cuttings

Article of 19 January 1901 in a popular weekly magazine (The Golden Penny).

The Sir Arthur Evans Archive contains 12 volumes of newspaper and press-cuttings (about 760 pages; about 1,600 cuttings). Most of them date between 1900 and 1940 and refer to Evans’s work at Knossos or to aspects of the Minoan Civilisation. They were amassed by Evans and were probably arranged in chronological order and pasted into volumes by his half-sister, Joan Evans, after his death in 1941. Although extensive, these records are not comprehensive, as many of Evans’s own articles are not included in the volumes. Nevertheless, they offer an excellent overview of the press coverage that Evans and Knossos received over the years as well as Evans’s activities in Britain and abroad. Books 2-7 (i.e. most of the Knossos and Aegean-related cuttings) have been catalogued. This material has not been digitized.

  1. Knossos- and Aegean-related: five books or about 460 pages (about 1,000 cuttings). They include reports on the Knossos excavations as well as the work of the other foreign schools in Greece.
  2. Non-Knossos: seven books or about 300 pages (about 600 cuttings). They refer to the British Association for the Advancement of Knowledge; Evans's collection; European antiquities; the Glozel affair; coins; and the Evans gifts to the Ashmolean.

E/1 Knossos, Crete and Aegean-related

E/2 Non-Knossos

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Article of 19 January 1901 in a popular weekly magazine (The Golden Penny).